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Garza Guerrera/Warrior Heron: Baptism #2

She walked and walked while flashbacks of her past realm hit over her like waves influenced from a passing storm. Some waves crashed over her with such force it stole the very breathe she actively fed her lungs. Disoriented and frail from facing the currents of each battle Garza fixated her heart upon the sunlight knowing this transcending beam of light was the only thing keeping her from collapsing completely.

'Not on my strength alone.'

Garza muttered under her weakened breath.

'Not On My Strength Alone.'

She began to believe

'NOT ON MY STRENGTH ALONE!' (-Philippians 2:13)

A roar rumbled from stomach to tonsils, affirming its power.

Ahead of Garza the mouth of a lake consumed her vision, water was all she required in order to quench the thirst that had been developing from the moment of her awakening. The body of water framed by a circle of flourished trees encompassed her while she knelt at its entrance. Cupping her hands together Garza delicately scooped her palms full of blue magic encouraging the longing dehydrated gates of her lips to open. The substance drenched her tongue, replenishing a stream of life to disburse amidst her dry bones.

'AHHHH, incredible.' Garza spoke outwardly to praise the source in which it belonged.

'Come into me Garza,' the lake summoned.

Tickled from being validated in her existence Garza reflected with gratitude, 'He knows my name!'

To feel seen is one of our most cherished positions. A sudden strike of emptiness followed, filling her abdominal with deep rooted memory of the life her vessel had come to know well.

Quickly the internal abrasion subsided for Garza knew she was no longer captive to the dungeon she once lived. Excitement sprouted making space from the effected area, fighting her garment to free her completely she ran splashing beads of water that imitated sparks of a burning fire. Garza dove immersing herself into the deep.

Reality: Sandwiched between perfections.

Unbound, unafraid, uncovered.

Liberation from a love she'd never known but had always believed existed brought her to float sandwiched between perfections.

There she lay arms outstretched sprawled over enchantment projecting the eternity of the sky above;

'I am home,' she accepted through surrender.

She sunk deeper, 'I am Home.'

Hitting a space of spiritual overflow Garza exited the waters to find a blue stone carefully placed upon the top of her ragged cloth coverings. She hunted the landscape anxious to retrieve the being responsible for this unexpected gift but something inside brought her view to turn upward. Eyes landing on a cloud of wings above the lake where she had just experienced bottomless fulfillment.

She knew.

With that Garza connected a string of breath entering through the caves of her nostrils directing its intention to her diaphragm while weaving its grace to the grapes of her alveoli. The continuous wind of her exhale carried a message flowing back to the treasures source;

'Thank you.'

Air to water, water back to air.

Poetry arose through this prayer of intentional breath.

Witnessing the lake mirror the expression of the sky linked wisdom that her skin covered kingdom too painted a replica of the perceived atmosphere.

'I am Home.'


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