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Hi! I’m Jill Louise Foley,

Personal Trainer & Inspired Story Teller 

I am passionate about movement. I have over a decade of expanding movement practice and knowledge. From primal fundamentals, sports-specific training, powerlifting, hypertrophy & bodybuilding, mobility, yoga, functional movements, endurance training, dancing, posing, pelvic floor specialists, and more.  I began my professional career as a personal trainer 6 years ago, competing as a National Level Women's Physique Competitor. Through raw experiences, I uncovered that competing at such an extreme level of fitness was, for me, mentally and physically detrimental. This life-altering epiphany left me both humbled and curious. How had weight lifting, by nature such an empowering action, left me chasing the white rabbit of personal validation and ego—and feeling powerless? Never one to back down from a challenge, I took it upon myself to rediscover my longing for personal awareness, strength, alignment, and sustainable nutrition; this time, to elevate my quality of life, not steal it. I am an extremist and I have spent most of my life so far learning everything the hard way. It’s no surprise then, that in my journey of 'Unbecoming' the bodybuilder and stepping into my authentic self I've had to do a lot of hard, introspective personal investigation. This called me to step back into the heart of my inner child, reexamining the areas I’d once neglected. In doing so, I began to build trust as I gathered a new understanding of the building-block fundamentals of love, mental health, faith, and pain. Whether you're interested in having me as a mentor as you build your own understanding of the joy of movement, or you're just dropping in to listen to my story, I will give you my all. I am passionate about authentic connection, the purpose behind movement, and the empowerment of standing strong amid uncertainty. I will promise you that I will make mistakes; my story is ever-changing and refining me for the next chapter that awaits. I will be vulnerable, real and present, sharing my failures and triumphs. I am humble enough to know I am only human, and hungry enough to explore what it takes to progressively better my understanding of my authentic self. I pray through our journey together we can share, love, learn to show up as ourselves, and laugh at our expanding attempts at genuine self-discovery. I founded Be Brave knowing that I am fearful of the elements that are out of my control but stubborn enough to be present in the battle. 

Mission: Slay your own dragons Queens!

Step 1: Stand Up, Show Up and Ground Yourself. AKA: POWERSTANCE!

Be present, aware and strong in your own posture.

Let me teach you how!

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