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Personal Training Packages

1 Personal Training Session

$120 for 1 1/2 hr Session

Introduction to Be Brave Training:

I firmly stand behind constancy and discipline as necessary pillars for achieving your physical goals but that being said if you need help increasing range of motion due to an injury, would like help with progressing your deadlift or are just in search for a reliable source with years of experience this 1 session option might be for you.

In this 1 and a half hour session I will openly listen to your goals, needs and wants. I will then follow by accessing your movement patterns and share my personal analysis to what you'll need in order to successfully achieve them. This session can be great if you're fairly regimented in your personal workouts but are looking for some personal feed back or this session can be a great introduction into long term training with clearer understanding of timelines, your personal body and realistic goal setting. 


$400 Monthly

This service is designed for the client who already has a significant amount of knowledge concerning their basic movement principles and proper technique; core/lifting brace, squat, deadlift, engagement of latissimus dorsi and glute activation. Share your home/gym equipment, goals and frequency I'll create a personalized strength, mobility and cardiovascular program designed specifically for your movement needs.

This training package includes nutritional coaching and weekly video chats.


1 on 1 Training
8 sessions 2x a week

$600 Monthly

This training package includes 1 on 1 sessions with yours truly. Do you need professional coaching to ensure you're getting the most out of your workouts? Are you new to weight training or building your personal body awareness and aren't sure where to start?  This training package is designed for you. All you have to do is turn your webcam on our scheduled hour and I'll talk you through the rest. Movement is personal I'll know when your body is in need of mobility, strength or just a good heart pumping cardiovascular circuit. I promise to attune into your personal needs every time we meet, designing the most efficient path to guide you towards your specific goals.

This training package includes two 1 on 1 video call training sessions a week, nutritional coaching, recommended mobility/cardiovascular 

programming based on your commitment level and unlimited support.


1 on 1 Training
12 sessions 3x a week

$850 Monthly

This training package is designed to promote change; lifestyle change, physical change and mental change. If you are ready to take the lead on committing to your health and your quality of life then let's begin! Whatever your physical ability is I can help you move! Accountability issues, lack of body awareness, confided to your own home with minimal equipment, no matter what obstacles you feel are in the way I promise together we will find a way around them. Trust the process and say yes to making your wellness a top priority.

This training package includes three 1 on 1 video call training sessions a week, nutritional coaching, recommended mobility/cardiovascular programming based on your commitment level and unlimited support.

Personalized Training Program

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