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Garza Guerrera/Warrior Heron: Goldens Guide #7

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Kieras frantic pace opened this exciting new chapter of the Lords plan for their journey together this also influenced them to skip, laugh and play along the faint road leading their quest. Kiera and Garza caught up on time lost, from highs & lows to valleys & mountains the two of them expressed and consoled each others fractured heart spaces weaving their fathers love in an unbreakable braid which unified their souls. Hours of travelling passed bringing Kieras run to dwindle unto a slow trot, the evening began to draw near which led Garza to take in the rush of fear which rose along the blackening of night. A list of impossibilities built a nest in Garzas mind feeding the enemies tornado of doubt to swallow her sight, forgetting the faithfulness of her Father completely;

‘I am so tired my Lord, where are we to rest? What are we to eat? Have you seen my garments, if you could even call them that. What am I to wear for the upcoming trek? I have nothing!’

A large oak tree framed in lush green pillows soaked up the luminescent moonlight inviting Garza to lay down to sleep. Kiera walked them both to this sacred space of nature and collapsed to its comforting floor. The heaviness of Garzas eye lids shut out her surrounds trancing her effortlessly into an immediate deep sleep.

Weeping may go on all night, but joy comes with the morning. -Psalm 30:5

Garzas subconsciousness took flight into a vision of the near future; hands and knees she climbed to the upmost heights, fighting off darknesses attempt to pull her feet down the cliff below. Garza couldn't detach from the divine drive to summit the mountain she was destined to concur. Looking behind her, overseeing the strategies for the enemy Garza was able to make out Kiera graciously parked on level ground watching her every move. Encouraged by her blood to finish the climb ahead she rose to the top of the sharp rocks, arms up in celebration of fighting off the devils attempts at defeating Garza, she was transported via a translucent portal unto the heavenly realm. Flying through the colours of the clouds Garza could make out the arches of what looked like pearly gates and shimmering gold roads leading unto a great kingdom which seemed to stretch across eternity.

'The battle has just begun!' A rumble of thunder proclaimed, lighting flashed from the gates striking Garza back to her fleshly vessel.

Garza awoke abruptly taking in a large gulp of air. Nestled into Kieras warm being the vibrations of Garzas alert caused Kiera to sigh in disappointment at the knowing it was time to move again. Before fully investigating her where about the birds housed in their covering began to inspire their awaking with a song;

Look at the birds. They don't need to plant harvest or put food in barns because your Heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are. And why worry about clothes? Look at the lilies and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing and if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won't he more surely care for you? You have so little faith! Your Heavenly Father already knows all your needs and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern. -Matthew 6:26-33

Garza felt inclined to breathe with intention, the deeper each breath became the more she accepted the reckless love of God. Bring herself and Kiera into a position to continue on their quest both of them stretched to loosen up their over used body parts.

'Let's continue on Kiera, God promises us everything we need... so let's go!' she gestured Kiera to rise with a layer of profound peace and awareness. At the wake of a comforting nights rest with a dream that showed her a glimpse into the fullness of time Garza was determined to obey the requests of her Sky Father. Garza and Kiera walked side by side underneath the arch ways which mouthed the opening of the town Princestone, above the sturdy wooden arches flew an eagle. Soring above watching over the villagers as they let thier guard down for an evening of rest, its wing span beckoned Garza to reflect on her own premature pinions.

'I will take flight, what a day of infite praise that will be.' Bumps flushed through the surface layer of her flesh, a delightful dance of her skins agreeance to the Lords appointed vow.

As Garza made her way into the towns entrance faces began to pop out of their homes, whispers formed, eyes of hope swept a fencing path in succession to Kieras and Garzas march. Kiera bowed as Garza waved to each face they encountered. A squad of children began to formulate behind their trail, delighted in the pairs arrival music began to rise in the silent streets. Fiddles began faint dispatching an invitation for others to consolidate in this favourable reception melody. Garza could not comprehend the reasoning for this, looking above for answers the eagle continued to follow above, symbolizing their importance from the heavens. From calm fiddles, to the twinkles of harp strings they floated to the town square where venders had set up goods to sell and trade. Smells of freshly baked bread, perfume aromas, and spit roasted grub weaved in accompaniment to the music being created. Merchants from each table who witnessed Garza and Kieras light felt indebted to it, they were given abundance from these strangers fruitful lands through baguettes, peaches, vegetables, apples, berries, lamb, wine, and water to aid in nourishing them for the calling they were committed to honouring. A young girl drew closer carrying a crown of woven fresh flowers as a token of the exemplified royalty, Garza knelt down to take in the ocean blue globes of the God gifted child and asked;

'Now what could I have done to deserve such a precious gift from an angel such as yourself?'

The little girl giggled as she replied 'We are woven from the same silks, last night I dreamt of your face flying above lifting the lost to the promised lands of our King.'

Garzas heart began to swell bringing her own eyes to pool among a layer of held tears, she bowed before the youth and was crowned from human perfection. The young one then jumped into Garza exchanging an embrace that penetrated her Spirit to repentance.

‘I am of little faith Father, why am I like this? Why do I fear when you are all powerful? Why do I hold upon my own strength and am quick to forget the King I serve? I weep for disregarding the character you’ve shown me over and over. I am sorry for not trusting you completely.’

'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like a little child, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.Therefore, whoever takes the lowly (humble) position of a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.' -Matthew 18:3-4

Blanketed with a warm humming which encapsulated her mind, 'my dear Garza remember you are a child of mine!'

Charged with a smile that filled her longing and supplied with overflowing portions of food & gifts for the climb ahead Kiera and Garza headed to leave the small yet rich village on toward the mountains base. Drums chimed into the mix of sounds motivating the importance of the quest ahead, they were off. Since learning the lesson of humility Garza brought forth a wisdom of patience 'to arrive to the destination was not the sole purpose but within the journey it self was the priceless gems of being present with those who eagerly had been praying for the presence of the Lord almighty.' Garza could see that amidst the current dark days of this realm the Lord called upon her; a bird learning to fly and Kiera a horse which exalted joy with her untamed magnificence. Surely only the father above could orchestrate such beauty, a moving masterpiece of freedom at its core. Humble enough to hear the voices of the faint, aware enough in their hearts to celebrate others and confident enough in their Spirits to be seen in transparency. Flawed and blessed.

For a day and a half Kiera and Garza travelled a gruelling road which lead them to the coastline of Halkomelem (land facing the sea). Neither of them aware of the water crossing excursion which awaited their arrival but as faith was developing at the nucleus Garza kneeled to the ground in prayer and invited the Sky Father to escort them beyond the liquid blue.

'ALL ABOARD!' a bellowing voice reached the center of Garzas ears.

Simultaneously the current God Squad craned their necks to follow the divine timing invite. To there left was a rickety wooden fishing boat that held one charismatic ginger bearded man. Kiera and Garza looked at each other puzzled then by disbelief scattered their gaze to detect who this gentleman must be referring too.

'What you waiting for numbskulls? There aint no one else here, who do you think I was speaking to? Jesus himself!' he let out a roar of laughter holding his chest and leaning back in comedic exaggeration. The winds brought forth a cheeky gust, shaking the boat and bringing the man to trip backwards sending his butt down and belly up.

'Careful with your hasty Dad jokes, he's listening.' Garza snickered.

More cackling rose from the ship, 'Well har-de-har-har you think!'

Garza entered the watercraft with fright and hesitation, 'Do you think this will hold us all?'

'Only time will tell.' pipped back the fiery fellow with a wide grin of confidence. 'did you hit your head when all that hair fell out Jill?' the stream of chuckling continued.

A flush of fuzzy memories made its way to the forefront of Garzas mental capacity, that name held space on her but why she couldn't comprehend. 'You know...' wrestling with the correct wording, 'Knew me?'

'Well don't break my heart love. More like how didn't I know you.' He nudged her shoulder with his elbow and devious wink while letting out a giggle.

Garza stared straight across the water in an awkward trance of disassociation. 'Shall we get along then?' she managed to shake out behind her teeth. 'Also my name is Garza... now. And this is Kiera.' She pointed to her shore parked stallion.

Reality: My amazing friend who guided Kiera and I up Golden Hinde Mountain.

'Jeepers the heavens have a sense of humour, I was told you'd arrive with another but I'd be damed if I was anticipating a horse. Faith over fear I reckon.' He motioned for Kiera to board, 'Valyear,' he added reaching out his hand for an initiation shake with a smile foreshadowing another flow of hysterical amusement.

She grabbed his and proceeded to catch his infectious grin. Her spirit did recollect him yet her mind couldn't fully connect the dots.

Kieras shire weight inspired concurrent prayer and held breathes to consummate the three. Bringing up the anchor the boat magnetically glided in the destined direction. All of them sighed in immediate relief.

'So to the treacherous Golden Hinde we return eh? I've attempted it another four times since last we adventured. Never successfully summited the beast.' Valyear turned to her deer in the face of death expression. Before she could respond with a how do you know... He took the hint of her ignorance and explained why he had been waiting a shore. That for three nights he experienced the same reacquiring dream that he was to guide Garza and her company to the top of Golden Hinde from the shore of Halkomelem. He strived to revive the memory of their previous attempt a decade prior only to hit dry dirt unwelcoming of the seed.

'That's alright Jil...Garza, that might take me a bit to mentally adjust. Anywho what matters is that we are here, being obedient to the One who speaks from the Sky, the rest is not ours to see, only follow and then we will be gifted with insight.' Valyear spoke with such rooted knowing she knew these words came from above. 'I just don't know how I'm going to fair on the hike ahead, my knee isn't what it used to be. Last time I ventured towards the Hinde I only lasted a day before I turned home. The burdens I carried upon me pulled me down but here I am crazy as jester living out the cycle of insanity.'

With empathy flooding through Garza she cupped Valyears left knee in her gentle feathered fingers extending the invitation of hope and asked, 'Do you want to be healed?'


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