I created powerhouse princesses 3 years ago to build an army of women who wanted to make changes in their lives and discover what they're capable of and experience what i felt when i started lifting. if you have been curious about weight lifting but stayed on the cardio train because you were scared of getting hurt or getting bulky, this group is for you.

the princesses range in all different abilities, fitness, ages and sizes.  

It's just a group of ladies lifting and laughing and pushing through their comfort zone.

be the princess who learns to slay her own dragons.

Powerhouse Princesses is an 8 weeks women's only strength Training Program designed to teach you how to transform your physique through weight lifting. The gym can be intimidating and I want to give you the proper tools to feel confident training on your own.

Each Lady will receive A complementary 1 on 1 Consult, an 8 week personalized Exercise booklet and before & after results.

Monday & Wednesday (3 options)

6:00Am- 7:00Am-FULL

6:00pm- 7:00pm-FULL 

7:00pm- 8:00pm-FULL

4 Weeks (8 Classes) $150

8 Weeks (16 Classes) $300

Regular Intake

*Max 6 ladies per class

Minimum age 16