Why do I train?

1 reason I train is to keep myself sane!


I could not deal with my day to day life if I didn't have an outlet.

I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old. My Dad always strongly encouraged sports and physical activity. From chopping wood, moving rocks, soccer, running, hockey, basket ball, baseball, volleyball, football, dancing etc. you name it my Dad would come up with the required equipment, rules, drills, everything... this brought in a good chunk of the neighborhood kids as well. So being a Daddy's girl I played everything. I was always intrested in learning something new. The majority of my opponents happened to be boys so I did often play on girls and boys sports teams. Making the hits harder and I hated being seen as weak. So I just pushed to become faster and stronger. I'd go on runs by myself, practice my pitching, shooting, dribbling, anything to get better. I've always had trouble communicating my thoughts and feelings so training, pushing my body to the extreme just felt freeing. I could free myself of emotional pain (you know the type so strong it feels physical) from working out. Something about being able to have control over 'pain' almost made it feel good. I could push against what was hurting me. Which over time has helped me stand up for myself against those who try to inflict pain or hurt upon me. So back to why I train? I train to be able to free myself.



2nd reason to look good naked!

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