Roller Derby: My Next Fitness Goal

All I can say is stepping outside my comfort zone to learn how to roller skate embodies my 'Be Brave' message.

I don't have any roller skating experience. Which has really become a gift in disguise! Since making the switch over 2 years ago from bodybuilding and taking performance enhancers in order to make me a 'better' competitor to being content with my natural abilities when approaching fitness has been a humbling change. I often have a hard time not letting the demon voice of comparison wiggle it's way into my mind.

'You used to lift that.'

'How is this hard for you!?!'

'You're not an athlete.'

'You're so weak.'

The more I compare my past strength to my current strength the less joy a receive from weight training.

This isn't just in comparison to my past, but in comparison against others as well.

Which is why I'm so grateful that this new experience presented itself to me. Roller skating is something entirely new, I have no expectations for myself. Falling is fun! Failing and trying again and again is fun! Learning something new and challenging is fun! Not to mention the community is so encouraging. Everyone is genuinely excited to see each other progress.

I have been attempting to roller skate for just under 3 months now. I went from falling to stand up, now I'm able to turn, jump, balance on one foot and stop. I have so much to learn and I couldn't be more excited.


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