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Garza Guerrera/Warrior Heron: Destiny Dreams #4

Exhaustion from the day taxed Garzas mind, body and spirit bringing her to seek rest, knowledge through the serpents tree experience moved Garza to walk away from its quarters onto a space she felt safe. So by foot she travelled to seek shelter, leaving the enchanted water behind felt bitter sweet, ending a chapter and approaching the next one. Sorrow subsided with the assurance that unseen beauty was surely around the corner, tired and weakened Garza carried on. Wind accompanied her back, pushing her towards the destined path. The road ahead bowed down causing gravity to bless her obedience.

'He gives power to those who are tired and worn out; he offers strength to the weak. Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will walk and not faint.' - Isaiah 40: 29, 31
Reality: The lit tree symbolizing my return to life.

Hours of miraculous travel brought Garza to a cottage on the land in which she had

originally awoke, a tree of light notified her it was a place which would bring life. With in minutes a herd of dogs jetted directly toward her alerting the owners of her trespassing. A couple as strong as oak trees headed in her direction while they approached her Garza began to fall...

Garzas mind teleported her onto a rock face above the shore of an ocean, the waves grew along side the crippling feeling of fear.

'Help!' a young boy cried.

Garza craned her neck towards the hopeless voice, making her way to the trembling boy across the scattering rocks she arrived scanning his canvas for injury, his knee was flooding a river of blood. The young boy paralyzed from the height climbed with doom alluring his attention below. Garza picked him up to higher ground, the trek was challenging but the being she held in her arms shimmered more precious then the fear that attempted to sway her. A top of what seemed to be a mountain she placed the boy on the rocky surface, ripped a large strip of cloth from her gown, wrapped it tightly around the boys gapping wound.

'There, that should hold the bleeding for now. What is your name child?' Garza questioned with deep sympathy for his level terror.

'Daniel,' he replied with a notion of joy.

'Nice to meet you Daniel, not through the most ideal circumstances but now it's a memory I won't forget.' she smiled, followed with a light chuckle.

'I certainly won't forget you.' Daniel affirmed delicately. 'I'm not sure I'm able to travel home alone.'

'I will take you Daniel, I'd be honoured.' Garza willingly offered. 'Get on my back, I'll bring you home to your family.'

Sharing and giggling with undeniable joy they made their way down the mountain side to a safe stretch which lead towards a grandiose white palace.

'There it is!' the boy pointed with excitement.

The sight of it was magnificent, bay doors that could hold a team of horses, finished with gold trims and accents, grassy fields framing its beauty, while forest filled the background. Garza placed Daniel at the doorstep, instantly the entrance of the home opened revealing a large light source as far as she could see.

Daniel turned to enter, but before disappearing into the tunnel of light he twisted his head gazing at Garza in awe and stated 'You are an Angel! Thank you for your presence amidst my despair, I really need you to save me.'

Mouth opened puzzled on how to correctly respond to such gratitude; a rumble of clouds pulled her backwards screeching as they encompassed her 'Angels Are Dead.' Twisting her around through a tornado of torment Garza closed her eyes in protection. Meanwhile she had been transported into a darkened room where she lay deep asleep on a bed of white, flying above her motionless vessel she called unto herself.

'Garza get up, we need to go, it's time to rise up!'

The still version of herself began to awaken, turning from a fetal position onto her back. She attempted to sit up, numerous black tar like hands sprung from the white sheets pulling Garza back into the bed, wresting to be set free she began to scream;




Garza sat up awake in the realm she had just left, covered in sweat, hysterically gasping for air. Scrambling to take in her current atmosphere she was startled to be laying beside a large fire pit surrounded by sleeping dogs and some large smiling human oak trees.

Reality: My living Oak Trees and one for their 4 dogs. They provided me work, shelter and banana bread.

'Oh Angus looks there she a live one, thank goodness I did not want to deal with a dead body today,' one of the human oaks covered in colourful markings commented.

'That was an interesting entrance if I do say so myself,' the other chuckled hauling off a long pipe that smelt like skunk cabbage.

Garza a little disoriented from the travel, lack of food and dreams turning to nightmares managed to form a question; ' Where am I?'

'Well bald lady you're in our yard, we managed to catch you mid fall. I'm Angus and this here is my darling wife Nedra' they locked eyes with one another providing Garza with an understanding of love that warmed her belly.

Nedra added 'you're more then welcome to stay here, you must be hungry. I have some banana bread in the house I just prepared. Would you like some?'

Garza nodding with desperation, 'Yes please!'

Nedra scurried to the house to fetch the banana loaf. While Angus stoked the fire with a large walking stick, he shared with knowing, 'Theres really no place like home, eh?' passing the long pipe to Garza with an expression of generosity.

Before Garza could allow a slashing of thoughts bombard her Nedra returned hands full of offerings to bring to the fainting traveller. What a beautiful moment it was to witness such hospitable love spilling from an unexpected source. Grabbing a succulent slice of golden bread Garza broke it in two bowed towards the giving source and proceeded to take a bite. Just as the delicacy spread like butter along her tastebuds a familiar voice spoke;

'Why do you fear flying Garza when I have provided you wings?'

Sinking into herself raddled with such a large expectation. She took another puff on the pipe, ate the entire loaf provided and drifted off to sleep dissociating from the revelation completely.


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