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Garza Guerrera/Warrior Heron: Awakening #1

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Ringing in her ears, aching blanketed her whole being, the thought of rising was combated with a pull into the ground where she had been left for death. The battle had ended yet in reality had just begun.

Laying in what seemed to be defeat was only the death of the life she was currently leading. Looking up helpless the clouds ran from one end of the sky to the other, clearing a road of endless blue pathway onto the heavens .

Where am I? She questioned.

What am I? She sank down into.

Here's where the journey back began for Garza, clouded from the memories of her known realm and lost at the entry of her new one she knew going back wasn't an option, rising up seemed to be the only viable step available to her. Arms out stretched beside her mimicking wings the flickering light of her spirit outstretched to the sun and with a power not her own she sat up. Scanning her surroundings she had landed in a grassy field, hills circled her entrenched with bounty less trees with a wind that hugged her from the outside in she saw the pines bow towards her as a greeting from above welcoming her home. Puzzled at the sight of her naked toes her metacraples began to wiggle and dance prompting her to respond back with a hello. The celebrated arrival possessed her feet to posture herself to an upright position, finding grounding amidst the soft soil below. Every second she stood more aware of the vessel she had embodied a surge of what could only be described as light waved up from earths floor resting upon her face until a smile emerged then returning back among the dirt that lay beneath her.

I voice arose inside her;

"Don't be afraid, obey my guidance and I will lead you along this journey unharmed."

Startled from silence abruptly communicating in words she took a breathe in from her nose brought her hand upon her chest where a heart shaped necklace lay and exhaled until the breathe left all of her. Repeating this soothing rhythm she knew the voice was for her not against her. As she took hold of the pendent she read aloud the name of her mother written upon the heart.

"I'm proud of you." a new voice summoned from the very treasure she read, "It's time to go Child of mine, there's no time to waste!"

Shoeless, tattered cloth hanging off her slender shoulders, scars of her past left a trail telling a story of pain, as she scanned her fleshly canvas ankles to throat she reached the bottom of her jawline. Tracing the edging with her fingertips until they eventually met at the center of her chin, leading her head to tilt back pointing upwards towards the heat of the sun. Memories flashed of the strikes her face had endured, heaviness followed bringing her head to drop into the shallow cup of her hands. Despair attempted to paralyze her there yet her fingers curiously glided continuing to discover each inch of her cranium, revealing a clean slate spotless of growth.

Something about the revealed reset aspired a sense of relief; I am a New a child of what ever the voice was. Clarity set in, I am here as a beginning, I am being lead by my insides out, I am seen by my mothers heart, I am guided by my Fathers sky, I am not alone & I am deeply loved from the earth to the heavens.

I am here for a purpose.

Now the thought of what this purpose might entail casted webbing from every corner of her skull as the mess began to spiral into overwhelm a clear knowing repeated;

'Walk by Faith, not by sight.'
'Walk by Faith, not by sight.'
'Walk by Faith, not by sight.'
-2 Corinthians 5:7

After the third rotation her feet began to follow the words, one shaky step at a time until her legs found stability through each gripping stride. A new road was forming, a pattern of action was being born.

Reality: The field in which I awoke.


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