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Garza Guerrera/Warrior Heron: From Field to Freedom #6

The birds sang harmoniously, supplying Garza with a steady tune to reminisce over the road already travelled while worshiping the King of Kings;

Free to explore the realm you awoke me in

Your wisdom leads me now, stopping the cycle of sin

Blue water clear enough to witness your eternal power

Battling within, you arrive and thy enemies quickly cower

I am fed, cared for all because of your unconditional love

When faced with fear I must turn from my ways and look up above.

Humming and twirling with arms wide open Garza closed her eyes, postured her heart, mind and spirit to be filled with the light generously bestowed upon her. A force of glimmering beauty ran across the back of Garzas eye lids expressing the epitome of freedom.

‘Oh how I pray to gallop in fields of freedom my Lord.’

Her spins caught flight bringing her grin of contentment to morph into a smile of pure angelic joy, opening her eyes to capture the magnificence of the clouds above she tripped over a stubbornly rooted rock and found herself diving face first into a patch of grassy earth carpet. Before Garza could feel a fraction of discomfort from her fall she road the ripple and began to burst out into hysteric laughter.

‘Oh Lord I thought you mentioned you provided me with wings,’ jokingly chirping her Sky Father.

‘Wings yes, feet... also yes.’ He cackled back upon his cheeky daughter.

Garza remained on natures soft floor, rolling sporadically by the tickle of laughter she was undergoing. Eventually the giggles began to subside and Garza settled on her back in a wide sprawl, arms open in acceptance to all that universe has in-store for her. The peacefulness of the moment brought Garza to a space of intentional breath. Where she clenched the pendants of her necklace, closed her eyes, filled her nose with the sweetness of the moment and softly spoke aloud;

‘Oh mother of I, how divine this feeling is. May you return to experience this level of freedom with me.’

Just shy of a moment a light kiss grazed the top of Garzas scalp. First accepted by grace then quickly questioned with uncertainty; Garza shot open her eyes corking her head back to observe the source of the smooch... where she came face to face with a horse.

'Slllluurrrppp!' the magical stallion covered the surface of Garzas face with one large tongue swipe. Mystified from the occurrence paired with a surge of terror, a voice from her knowing arose conducting Garzas line of action;

Be Still and Know that I Am God. -Psalm 46:10

‘Mom!?’ Garza interrogated, questioning her own sanity in asking.

The powerful source comfortingly rubbed its nose against the curve of Garzas neck. Garza leaned into the embrace, pulling the outside of the creatures face to nestle in further. Affirmed in her level of safety Garza turned over to her hands and knees proceeding to stand up to face this miracle reunion. The stallion locked its fiery amber gaze simultaneously with Garza, looking deep within each others Spirit windows the coverings of the sun ran away to open the gates of heaven to illuminate the connecting of realms. 'The God that resides in me, also resides in you,' she saw clearly. Their identical hearts drew Garzas hands to hold the head of the shadow mare, closing the gap between them until their foreheads butterflied. Overflowing with curiosity Garza continued the map over its structure brushing her fingertips through its liquorice mane. Widening her peripheral vision she caught the sun highlighting the brindle strips that lay hidden to her initial impetuous gaze. Sliding her hand along the valley of its back in connection to its sturdy legs which swam in an ocean of muscularity, foreshadowed the endless possibilities of this animal. Garza detached her hands from the black brindled beauty and began to walk backwards taking in the entirety of it. Witnessing such a masterpiece brought Garzas arms to rise in marvel, as she outstretched her wings the stallion took flight galavanting in praise right through the fields ends.

Reality: I was asked to dog sit this pack of Belgian Malinois and was blessed with the gift of Kiera.

Garza watched every movement fashioned by her mothers reincarnated form and became entranced in the wonder of it all. As the horse ran wild she began to make out numerous other horses throughout the grassy planes. The remaining of the herd all seemed to replicate the colour of dried out wood with burnt branches; two of them began running along side black magic infected by her joy with hopes of being entrenched by the same spark, two spectated with limited enthusiasm as they turned their focus to the grass where they consumed ignoring the performance entirely, the smallest one seemed to be enthralled with weaving its head back and forth paired with a sequence of off beat trots. Over and over the dance was repeated with incorrigible consistency the evident oddness of the smallest horse took Garza compassion, it’s tongue out and smile unbroken brought Garza to a level of envy for its personal contentment. To be so yourself you’re unpersuaded by the suggestions of others… bliss. Pure ignorant bliss.

‘Hello there young traveller, what brings you into my fields today?’ A friendly yet direct voice asked, startling Garzas undying attention away from the herd.

‘Oh, please forgive my trespasses sir. I was just wondering in the direction I was called which led me face to face with your breath taking steed.’

‘Kiera!’ He pointed out along the land.

Garza nodded in agreeance.

The man sighed as a flood of memories weighed down his next wave of speech, ‘she’s an incredible force, I rescued her from harms way but her Spirit is not meant to be kept in these fences. Her road is designed to travel far and wide sharing the beauty in which she possesses. I am just unable to leave the rest behind to set her free.’

Garza felt his words sparkle into her heart and corse throughout her veins.

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desires. -Psalm 37:4

Grounding her feet into the dirt, breathing in deep, opening her hands to allow the feathers of her fingers to flutter, she began to chant onto her belly;

‘You are mine and I am yours’

‘You are mine and I am yours’

‘You are mine and I am yours’

A beam of light casted a glowing aura around Garza causing her feet to rise above natures floor, the farmers mouth opened in astonishment and shouted; ‘Kiera belongs to you cover the mountains and valleys proclaiming the glory of the kingdom above.’

Falling to his knees in repentance he gasped for air alarmed at the message he had just relayed to her and began to weep. Garza walked over to him offering her hand

‘Brother of mine, rise up knowing that the light of my father is extended upon you and your flock. Your slate has been wiped clean from this act of ultimate surrender and obedience.’

Reality: This sign in the field changed my course to summit the mountain... Golden Hinde!

Without hesitation Kiera appeared before them bowing down to Garza, welcoming her to mount her back. Garza took position while Kiera rose to a stoic stance, awaiting the command of her owner.

‘Hold on!' Their knowing echoed, 'for such a time as this!'

Without hesitation Kiera galloped towards the edge of the fence that captured the grounds and leaped over her past limitations with delightful intention. Confidence in the direction she ran Garza surrendered into Kieras lead holding her mane and enjoyed the whistling of the wind celebrating their birthing into the new...

Anyone who is in Christ is a new creature. They are not the same anymore, for the old life is gone. A new life has begun! -2 Corinthians 5:17

Light to shadow, shadow to light together from necklace to legs, they became one. One Spirit, one truth, one calling to bring Glory to the Kingdom of God, with purpose driving the hooves of Kiera they road unto the mountains base.


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