I was first introduced to Jill when she stepped in for a legs & abs group fitness class. It was unlike any group fitness class I had done previously. To begin, the class started with foam rolling our relevant muscles followed by a series of exercises that seemed so simple in explanation but were surprisingly challenging. This seemed odd to me, as no other group fitness instructor I had experienced used a foam roller or focused any time at the beginning of the class on stretching. As someone who considered myself to be fairly fit and a big fan of group classes, I was surprised and intrigued. This was how I fell in love with Jill’s teaching style.

My sister was the person who told her about Jill’s class Power House Princess. She convinced me to join the class after she experienced it first hand for a month; I then did a trial drop in class and I was hooked. Not only did I love the layout of the class, the other Princesses and Jill herself, but I was so impressed with the emphasis on the thorough pre-workout treatment of our muscles. 

It was my one-on-one fitness assessment that changed the way I thought about my workouts. To be blunt, it was a completely eye-opening experience. Only a fraction of the assessment had to do with preforming actual exercises. The progression was this; I would do 10 squats, we would discuss my form, and then we would spend a significant amount of time foam rolling & stretching out all the muscles associated with a squat. This, in itself, was a challenge, as I realized I was tight pretty much everywhere. After I was limbered up and fairly sweaty, I would then repeat the same exercise for the same amount of reps; the results were astonishing. Not only could I go into a deeper pose with proper form, but the exercise itself felt easier, as the related muscles were working as they should be. This was repeated for many basic exercises, such as inchworm, pushups and lunges. Maybe this should have been obvious, but it was in this seemingly simple way that I began to understand how to properly work out my body.

It is now in my 5th month as a Power House Princess with no end date in sight. The other women in the class, the other Princesses, are an amazingly supportive group and are as inspiring as they are diverse. Because of the smaller class sizes, you really get to know your peers & their fitness journeys. You get the energy of a group fitness class with the personalized direction of a one-on-one personal training session. 

Working with Jill is a complete and utter treat. She has this approachable, accommodating, kind and a little feisty demeanor; she really is your cheerleader. She truly cares about you and wants to help you meet your fitness goals. She gets noticeably excited and energized with your progress and determination.  She is a special instructor and this is a special class. I can’t wait to continue working towards my ultimate fitness goals with such a fantastic group.