Being a part of Jill’s Powerhouse Princess group started a series of events that has been life changing. I first met Jill through a very dear friend who recommended and encouraged me to do an assessment and come with her to one of Jill’s conditioning classes. I never knew a class to be so inclusive, encouraging, well set up and taught. Not only do we learn mobility movements to improve our body’s response to the workout, but also muscle building power moves! When I first started, I could barely complete one standard, hands and feet, push-up- now I can do 15+ at a time. This may be a small example of progress, but it is also a literal and figurative lesson in

how we can pick up and move. Jill, and this group of women are an inspiration, and I am so grateful for the knowledge, energy, authenticity and empowerment Jill puts into her life and work!