Time to shine some light on this boss lady, my friend and posing coach Jill Foley! After competinig in my fist show I realized I underestimated the art of posing and needed help Jill was recommended to me by several friends and local competitors so I reached out to her and we got to work for the next 2 shows. As an experienced competitor herself I knew she had a good eye for what the judges are looking for. We've been able to make improvements on my overall mobility through regular stretching and the use of resistance bands. Ive seen progress in my mandatory poses and her creative flare has made it fun to choreograph routines for bodybuilding and classic Physique. Thank You Jill for working with me and sharing your expertise! I look forward to the next show and doing it all again1!! For anyone on the island who is planning on competing or who just wants to improve strength/mobility and would like to properly display their hard work I strongly recommend booking a couple sessions with Jill.