I was first introduced to Jill when she stepped in for a legs & abs group fitness class. It was unlike any group fitness class I had done previously. To begin, the class started with foam rolling our relevant muscles followed by a series of exercises that seemed so simple in explanation but were surprisingly challenging. This seemed odd to me, as no other group fitness instructor I had experienced used a foam roller or focused any time at the beginning of the class on stretching. As someone who considered myself to be fairly fit and a big fan of group classes, I was surprised and intrigued. This was how I fell in love with Jill’s teaching style.

My sister was the person who told her about Jill’s class Power House Princess. She convinced me to join the class after she experienced it first hand for a month; I then did a trial drop in class and I was hooked. Not only did I love the layout of the class, the other Princesses and Jill herself, but I was so impressed with the emphasis on the thorough pre-workout treatment of our muscles. 

It was my one-on-one fitness assessment that changed the way I thought about my workouts. To be blunt, it was a completely eye-opening experience. Only a fraction of the assessment had to do with preforming actual exercises. The progression was this; I would do 10 squats, we would discuss my form, and then we would spend a significant amount of time foam rolling & stretching out all the muscles associated with a squat. This, in itself, was a challenge, as I realized I was tight pretty much everywhere. After I was limbered up and fairly sweaty, I would then repeat the same exercise for the same amount of reps; the results were astonishing. Not only could I go into a deeper pose with proper form, but the exercise itself felt easier, as the related muscles were working as they should be. This was repeated for many basic exercises, such as inchworm, pushups and lunges. Maybe this should have been obvious, but it was in this seemingly simple way that I began to understand how to properly work out my body.

It is now in my 5th month as a Power House Princess with no end date in sight. The other women in the class, the other Princesses, are an amazingly supportive group and are as inspiring as they are diverse. Because of the smaller class sizes, you really get to know your peers & their fitness journeys. You get the energy of a group fitness class with the personalized direction of a one-on-one personal training session. 

Working with Jill is a complete and utter treat. She has this approachable, accommodating, kind and a little feisty demeanor; she really is your cheerleader. She truly cares about you and wants to help you meet your fitness goals. She gets noticeably excited and energized with your progress and determination.  She is a special instructor and this is a special class. I can’t wait to continue working towards my ultimate fitness goals with such a fantastic group. 



Going to the gym may not cure mental illnesses/disorders, but it can definitely help with your overall mental health. Never thought I'd see the day where waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning to lift heavy weights would seem remotely appealing to me. Allowing a couple times a week to workout gave me an opportunity to do something for myself, set goals & see tangible results, feel empowered, use workouts as a grounding form of mindful meditation, and force my brain to produce  some much needed happy chemicals.

I started training from scratch four months ago (from scratch = I didn't know how to squat, deadlift or bench press whatsoever and could barely open a jar of pickles at home, let alone comprehend how to do a pull-up). Now thanks to the amazingness that is Jill Foley at Studio 4 Athletics I can confidently deadlift 170lbs! 

Friends in Vic: If you're looking for a patient, kind, knowledgeable & reliable trainer who will kick your ass and make you die of laughter simultaneously, message Jill! Her PT classes are small & affordable. 


Guillaume Marier

I always hated gym, mostly because I've always been the short fat kid. I tried several times to get into it but the failures pushed me to hate it even more. I decided one day to give it another try and hired a personal trainer. At first, I thought the financial side of it would force me to go until it is paid off but I gave Jill the impossible task to teach me how to love going to the gym. It was clear in my head she would never do it but she miraculously did. She helped with every side of what it means to get in better shape should be and I am grateful life put her in my way for it. I finally learned how to like what I look at in the mirror when I wake up in the morning instead of hating every second of it. She didn't only helped me because she was contracted to, she did it because she loved it and put her heart into it and went beyond any expectation I had. She'll make you hate her for pushing yourself too hard but you'll end up loving it as much as you'll love her



Jill has made such an unforgettable impact in my life and in my fitness journey. All my life, I’ve been the small girl with a high metabolism, never able to gain any weight. I never thought much about food, and I knew nothing about fitness.


In 2017 I was sitting in bed, watching YouTube videos of “fitness gurus” transformations, and wishing that I looked like them – so I decided to give the whole fitness thing a go. I spent about a year and a half at the gym trying to figure it all out, and hitting a major plateau for about 6 months.


And then I found Jill.

And then she changed my world.


I saw more progress working with Jill in 1 month than I did in a year and a half on my own. She shared her wisdom with me on improving my form, working with a pre-existing injury, improving my mobility and pushing my strength beyond what I ever thought possible.


The whole way, Jill has always been supportive and encouraging. Her motivating demeanour, immense knowledge of weight lifting, bubbly presence and kind soul make her the best trainer that anyone could ever have.


Thanks to Jill, I’ve fallen in love with body building. Training with her has become my most favourite part of the week.



It's hard to put into words how amazing it was to be apart of Jill's life and the transformation I saw before my eyes when I started working with her....but I shall try. This was my first time ever working with a personal trainer I never loved the gym or working out ever and I was always a foodie. Than I met Jill this bubbly personality with her drive and ambition just made you want more every time you went back. Week by week went as I saw the gains happening and the passion she was encouraging I couldn't get enough. Dare I say I was becoming addicted to the strength and possibility of becoming a better person and for once taking care of myself. When I told myself there's no way she always tossed that notion aside and pushed me beyond my limits physically I was always challenged. As a women it was empowering the kind of strength I began to see inside myself. I even remember the day she asked me why I was doing it and I replied "finally I feel beautiful". I finally felt connected with someone who could see the possibilities inside me that I was afraid to see for myself. The constant check ups and accountability kept me going striving to push myself beyond. I was sad to leave her when I moved after 6 months but she gave me the best thing anyone could....belief in myself for once. I lost a total of 40 pounds with her in 6 months. It isn't always easy but slow and steady wins the race and after such a period of time I was amazed at the transformation I had achieved!


Jennifer Susan Butts 

Jill was my personal trainer for my last two competitions.

Tough, yes, assisted me to come in first place? YES.

Jill is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, her eating plan she formatted was just what my body needed.

Jill guided me along the way, always with lots of encouragement and praise.

All this was done by long distance training, with one visit to Victoria to embrace my poses, and learn my one minute routine!

I highly recommend Jill Foley for your Health and fitness requirements! She ROCKS



Well where to begin. Words do not seem enough to describe the immense impact this woman has had on my life. Jill gave me my life back. I first met Jill at Goodlife in January 2016. I was coming back to the gym after about a year and a half. I had torn three ligaments in my knee and was scared of re-injuring myself and was also embarrassed of the weight I had gained. Grad school + severe injury + one of the worst relationships and leading break up had left me a shell of a person. I was terribly depressed. I signed up for some intro personal training and her powerhouse princess class. I instantly felt welcomed and started to feel strong again. My story took a pause here though. I stopped working out again by April (was still healing/trying to end said break up) and to be honest just wasn't ready yet. Jill and I kept in touch though. Fast forward to January 2017. Things were looking up workwise and I finally had a decent schedule.

More importantly I found motivation. I signed up for  another boot camp with Jill and by the end of January I committed to personal training 3x a week and never looked back. Jill emanates pure joy and love. I never thought twice about getting up at 5am to meet her. Fast forward now to the end of the year many months of PT later. I competed in my first strong person event placing third, finishing top female novice in a highland games event and crushing a 315 deadlift at my first powerlifting event. Jill was beside me for each of these momentous events and I know will always be my biggest cheerleader and support. I have lost 27 pounds of fat and gained 25 pounds of lean muscle. My strength gains have been nothing short of incredible. Not to mention my confidence and belief in myself. Most importantly though and the thing I will cherish most is the pure friendship we have developed. If you are looking to change your life, Jill is the one for You!!! Love Morgan



Happy 100th session with Corny.

I'm so grateful to have been given the oppurtunity to train this man. He tracks his eating, shows up early to warm up and always bring his best effort.

He's lost over 35lbs, 10% body fat and is much more flexible and strong.

Did I mention he's 70 years old!

Way to go Corny. Now to celebrate with a leg day!



I have been through 5 personal trainers over 10 years, Jill is the best personal trainer I've ever met. I wasn't active person at all always like to being inside watching TV or playing video games. Working out at the gym was boring painful labour to me just for keeping my health, that's why I initially started personal training to push me harder. Most trainers failed on me because I lost interest working out with them. She introduced me the joy of moving body and using muscle, by teaching me how to exercise in proper form. Working out with her is always fun and rewarding. Now I actually like to go working out and enjoy being active all credit to Jill