It's hard to put into words how amazing it was to be apart of Jill's life and the transformation I saw before my eyes when I started working with her....but I shall try. This was my first time ever working with a personal trainer I never loved the gym or working out ever and I was always a foodie. Than I met Jill this bubbly personality with her drive and ambition just made you want more every time you went back. Week by week went as I saw the gains happening and the passion she was encouraging I couldn't get enough. Dare I say I was becoming addicted to the strength and possibility of becoming a better person and for once taking care of myself. When I told myself there's no way she always tossed that notion aside and pushed me beyond my limits physically I was always challenged. As a women it was empowering the kind of strength I began to see inside myself. I even remember the day she asked me why I was doing it and I replied "finally I feel beautiful". I finally felt connected with someone who could see the possibilities inside me that I was afraid to see for myself. The constant check ups and accountability kept me going striving to push myself beyond. I was sad to leave her when I moved after 6 months but she gave me the best thing anyone could....belief in myself for once. I lost a total of 40 pounds with her in 6 months. It isn't always easy but slow and steady wins the race and after such a period of time I was amazed at the transformation I had achieved!