I always hated gym, mostly because I've always been the short fat kid. I tried several times to get into it but the failures pushed me to hate it even more. I decided one day to give it another try and hired a personal trainer. At first, I thought the financial side of it would force me to go until it is paid off but I gave Jill the impossible task to teach me how to love going to the gym. It was clear in my head she would never do it but she miraculously did. She helped with every side of what it means to get in better shape should be and I am grateful life put her in my way for it. I finally learned how to like what I look at in the mirror when I wake up in the morning instead of hating every second of it. She didn't only helped me because she was contracted to, she did it because she loved it and put her heart into it and went beyond any expectation I had. She'll make you hate her for pushing yourself too hard but you'll end up loving it as much as you'll love her