Going to the gym may not cure mental illnesses/disorders, but it can definitely help with your overall mental health. Never thought I'd see the day where waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning to lift heavy weights would seem remotely appealing to me. Allowing a couple times a week to workout gave me an opportunity to do something for myself, set goals & see tangible results, feel empowered, use workouts as a grounding form of mindful meditation, and force my brain to produce  some much needed happy chemicals.

I started training from scratch four months ago (from scratch = I didn't know how to squat, deadlift or bench press whatsoever and could barely open a jar of pickles at home, let alone comprehend how to do a pull-up). Now thanks to the amazingness that is Jill Foley at Studio 4 Athletics I can confidently deadlift 170lbs! 

Friends in Vic: If you're looking for a patient, kind, knowledgeable & reliable trainer who will kick your ass and make you die of laughter simultaneously, message Jill! Her PT classes are small & affordable.