Well where to begin. Words do not seem enough to describe the immense impact this woman has had on my life. Jill gave me my life back. I first met Jill at Goodlife in January 2016. I was coming back to the gym after about a year and a half. I had torn three ligaments in my knee and was scared of re-injuring myself and was also embarrassed of the weight I had gained. Grad school + severe injury + one of the worst relationships and leading break up had left me a shell of a person. I was terribly depressed. I signed up for some intro personal training and her powerhouse princess class. I instantly felt welcomed and started to feel strong again. My story took a pause here though. I stopped working out again by April (was still healing/trying to end said break up) and to be honest just wasn't ready yet. Jill and I kept in touch though. Fast forward to January 2017. Things were looking up workwise and I finally had a decent schedule.

More importantly I found motivation. I signed up for  another boot camp with Jill and by the end of January I committed to personal training 3x a week and never looked back. Jill emanates pure joy and love. I never thought twice about getting up at 5am to meet her. Fast forward now to the end of the year many months of PT later. I competed in my first strong person event placing third, finishing top female novice in a highland games event and crushing a 315 deadlift at my first powerlifting event. Jill was beside me for each of these momentous events and I know will always be my biggest cheerleader and support. I have lost 27 pounds of fat and gained 25 pounds of lean muscle. My strength gains have been nothing short of incredible. Not to mention my confidence and belief in myself. Most importantly though and the thing I will cherish most is the pure friendship we have developed. If you are looking to change your life, Jill is the one for You!!! Love Morgan