Jill has made such an unforgettable impact in my life and in my fitness journey. All my life, I’ve been the small girl with a high metabolism, never able to gain any weight. I never thought much about food, and I knew nothing about fitness.


In 2017 I was sitting in bed, watching YouTube videos of “fitness gurus” transformations, and wishing that I looked like them – so I decided to give the whole fitness thing a go. I spent about a year and a half at the gym trying to figure it all out, and hitting a major plateau for about 6 months.


And then I found Jill.

And then she changed my world.


I saw more progress working with Jill in 1 month than I did in a year and a half on my own. She shared her wisdom with me on improving my form, working with a pre-existing injury, improving my mobility and pushing my strength beyond what I ever thought possible.


The whole way, Jill has always been supportive and encouraging. Her motivating demeanour, immense knowledge of weight lifting, bubbly presence and kind soul make her the best trainer that anyone could ever have.


Thanks to Jill, I’ve fallen in love with body building. Training with her has become my most favourite part of the week.