Hi I'm Jill Louise Foley. I'm a personal trainer, a Fuel sponsored athlete and a nationally qualified womens physique competitor.

I am certified by CanfitPro which in all reality is a weekend course and anyone can do it. But why should you hire me as your personal trainer? Because I am going to change your life! If you want to work on your flexibility or mobility, I can help you with that. If you want to gain muscle, I can help you with that. If you want to run 5k, 10k, or a 1/2 marathon, I can help you with that. If you want to work on your​ speed and agility, I can help you with that. If you want to learn how to love yourself, I can help you with that. I have worked my whole life on developing my skills as an athlete, a trainer, a teacher and a motivator. I have worked with the best, from Olympic level track athletes to Olympia level bodybuilders to university level soccer coaches. I have a passion for fitness and I am always expanding my knowledge base. Fitness isn't just my career, it's my life.          

​As sometimes happens in life, I ended up falling into an unhealthy lifestyle, which lead me to drop out of University.  Not being part of a 'team' left a large void in my life, so I joined the gym. One of the personal trainers noticed my drive and gifted genetics for bodybuilding and encouraged me to compete. It's been 9 years since I began my bodybuilding journey. I've competed in 9 shows and I competed at a National Level in Women's Physique. I've recently broken free from my addiction to bodybuilding, the steroids, the competing, the eat sleep train mindset and am approaching life differently by sharing my own personal experience to educate people on some of the negative effects of performance enhancers. I want my body to last, I want to feel healthy, balanced, mobile, strong and free. For the first time in a long time I can say I feel genuinely happy and healthy. I'm always growing, currently, I am training my spirit by reading and writing, I've hired a chakra therapist, I've been attending church, I started to eat organic food and I walk outside without headphones. Clear your mind, treat your body with care and be confident in who you are.

My Favorite part about bodybuilding and fitness is that you can create yourself! I'm almost at Super Hero level (I just need to learn how to do a back flip)! If you aren't happy with a muscle group, you can develop it and change it. I've carried this lesson over into everyday life. Once I understood that I've always carried the power to make my life exactly how I want it, I can't stop smiling and I want to share my love of fitness and life with as many people as possible.

Be Brave embodies the way I approach life, it’s something I’ve dedicated myself to constantly practice. I have to give myself positive affirmations throughout the day to lift myself up. Going from a National level competitive bodybuilder to learning how to treat my body with love and care has been a powerful change. I have to work at taking care of ME! In the way I train, talk to myself, talk to others, breathe, stretch, learn, rest and being present. I believe in personal training. I personally invest in it. I’ve worked with an Olympia level bodybuilder, a high level sprinter to teach me about proper mobility and movement patterns, numerous University level soccer coaches, a couple nutritional coaches, I am currently working with Nicola Aichele who is a holistic personal trainer, aerial yoga instructor, chakra therapist and Stephino Tripney the founder of NovMat Vitoria a primal movements specialist.

My theory to training is you can never stop learning, proper mind-muscle control tied with proper breathing technique and mobility is an essential foundation to excelling in any element of fitness all while eliminating risk of injury.

Personal Achievements:

Played university level soccer at VIU

National Women’s Physique Competitior

3x Best Poser Award Winner (what can I say I like to flex!)

I won a sword for lifting a stone that weighed over 200lbs

Completed a season of tree planting and scared a black bear away

Former affiliate of Mutant and Cellucor supplements

Sponsored Athlete of Fuel Victoria

Sponsored Athlete of Fit Fix Cafe

Been in the Times Colonist, CTV, and Shaw News all at different points of my bodybuilding journey

Poster child for the Knight Of Champions in 2016

Completed the Goodlife Fitness Marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes

Placed 1st in Tall Women's Physique at the 2019 Van Isle Show Down

Placed 2nd in powerlifting at the 2019 Van Isle Throw Down


NEW CHALLENGE: Roller Derby!