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Here's my Why:

Why have I chosen to share my life of Being Brave? I've been coping with my anxiety on a daily basis for decades. Anxiety has contributed to my silence, gripped my hand and led me stumbling towards a life of people pleasing, self-doubt, and fear. It’s simple: I refuse to live there any longer! Through years of strength training, falling in love, reading, listening, building my faith, and seeking help, I've been able to identify the face of my anxiety; through that process, unlocking the ability to tip-toe around it or run right through it. (If I'm being 100% honest, I usually dance with it a bit first). If, by sharing my experiences as an athlete, a personal trainer, a victim, an addict, an outcast, a child, an adult, a believer, a coward, a warrior; but most of all--if I share my innately human experience--maybe I can short track you to learn through my lessons, instead of struggling through the same battles. Experience may be the most powerful teacher, but connecting is the truest way to become the best version of ourselves; by refining and readying us for the day we are called to show up. On that day, will you revert to your protective patterns? Or, will you arrive as yourself, fearful of enduring the pain but wise enough to be aware that you have the ability to get past it?

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”I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

 ― Mother Teresa


Hi, I’m Jill

I'm passionate about fitness. Through my personal journey to physical excellence I've failed brilliantly, risen humbly, and learned all these other things.

I started my new life of Be(ing) Brave when I openly began sharing my experience with performance enhancers (steroids). I had been promoting supplement brands, selling personal training and preaching the 'Good Life' all while using the secret sauce. Here's a look into how I've changed my life—beginning from following the crowd, to choosing unapologetically, to be BRAVE!

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I Wouldn't Be Me Without

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